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We are an independent advisory firm, focused on small and medium enterprises

  The Italian Medium Enterprises

  Our Approach

  • The small and medium enterprises (SME) are the engine of the Italian economy

  • Starting from niche leadership the Italian SMEs are conquering international market share

  • The keys of their success are focus on growth segments, flexibility, innovation, brand and stile

  • Historically, this segment is neglected by investment banks and international advisory firms.
  • CVS Partners was founded in 2005 to assist the Italian SMEs in the planning and execution of their entrepreneurial idea: internationalization, M&A deals, recapitalization, reorganization, start up, new projects, turn around and restructuring

  • The Partners offer an established “cumulated experience” in SMEs’ planning and corporate finance matured in investment banks and international law firms

  • Our advisory adopts the more advanced methodologies and techniques still it is personalized and customized on customers’ requirements, on the basis of a Client/Advisor partnership (eventual non compete agreement)